The optimum time to watch Bond films… or is it just me?

Before I go on I should just stress that this is very much a tongue-in-cheek entry… I wasn’t going to write it at all, but then thought what the hell, we need more silliness… I’ve been watching Bond films for years and I find there is a definite optimum time in the week for meContinue reading “The optimum time to watch Bond films… or is it just me?”

Licence to be subjective – Bond films reappraised

The Bond films. What a topic. Everyone has their favourites. There are numerous rankings and lists available to view online and each has its merits. The general consensus tends to be fairly predictable. Connery was the best, Lazenby wasn’t an actor, Moore was a joker, Dalton very serious, Brosnan tapered-off towards the end and CraigContinue reading “Licence to be subjective – Bond films reappraised”