The optimum time to watch Bond films… or is it just me?

Before I go on I should just stress that this is very much a tongue-in-cheek entry… I wasn’t going to write it at all, but then thought what the hell, we need more silliness…

I’ve been watching Bond films for years and I find there is a definite optimum time in the week for me which corresponds to each film… in other words I seem to enjoy watching Moonraker on a Sunday afternoon, sometimes with undivided attention, sometimes while doing other stuff, whereas Dr No has always been an early hours watcher… don’t know why, but that’s the way it goes.

You can, of course, enjoy these films to their maximum at ANY time and this is just how the rhythm has worked out for me over the years.

Does this make sense to anyone else out there?

Dr No – Thursday morning, very early, pre-6am

From Russia With Love – Sunday afternoon

Goldfinger – Saturday afternoon

Thunderball – Saturday afternoon

You Only Live Twice – Sunday afternoon

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Saturday afternoon, especially near Xmas

Diamonds Are Forever – Sunday afternoon

Live And Let Die – Saturday night

The Man With The Golden Gun – Saturday afternoon

The Spy Who Loved Me – Sunday afternoon

Moonraker – Sunday afternoon

For Your Eyes Only – Sunday afternoon

Octopussy – Saturday night

A View To A Kill – Friday afternoon, or at least mid-week

The Living Daylights – Saturday night

Licence To Kill – Saturday night

Goldeneye – Saturday night

Tomorrow Never Dies – Saturday night

The World Is Not Enough – Saturday night

Die Another Day – Sunday afternoon

Casino Royale – Bank Holiday Monday night

Quantum Of Solace – Saturday night

Skyfall – Saturday afternoon

Spectre – Saturday afternoon

No Time To Die – unknown, would be nice just to see it


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