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Let me count you down – Favourite Beatles recordings from the 1960s, part one: Number 204 The Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band run-out groove

I have compiled my own completely subjective ascending list of favourite tracks recorded by The Beatles from 1962 to 1970, which includes a total of 204 recordings, from officially released singles, EPs and LPs. The list omits Christmas fan recordings and any solo material recorded during the timeframe. Where there are different versions of the…

A short look at the newly published book “Secret Agent: A fan’s guide to the Danger Man hour series” by Rodney Marshall

Rodney Marshall’s “Secret Agent: A fan’s guide to the Danger Man hour series” is a concise, no-nonsense, informative piece of work. It neither presupposes the reader has knowledge of the background to the production of the TV show Danger Man, nor does it require one to have it; it simply presents an episode-by-episode exposition, broken…

Peter Falk as… Columbo. The ‘perfect’ mystery show, without the mystery?

“Peter Falk as”… those three words were possibly the most reassuring to me that I was about to be entertained in the cleverest, most unique of ways for the next hour and a half or so, maybe longer, when Columbo appeared on our small screens all those years ago. Even now, despite the digitised box…

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