Man In A Suitcase – TV drama’s great step forward?

When I wrote a recent entry: “Appraising television’s ultimate masterpiece – The Prisoner” I realised afterwards that in saying that Patrick McGoohan and Edward Woodward were two leading actors of an era I could think of off-hand capable of conveying controlled intensity, I was doing one other essential protagonist a disservice. I’m talking about theContinue reading “Man In A Suitcase – TV drama’s great step forward?”

Appraising television’s ultimate masterpiece – The Prisoner

While the medium of television has produced the full range of shows along the quality spectrum in the many years it has been with us, from the outstanding to the truly appalling, there is one piece of work which, to, exists in a hallowed place all of its own. The Prisoner is the showContinue reading “Appraising television’s ultimate masterpiece – The Prisoner”