So much more to The Byrds than jangly guitars…

The recent release of McCartney III drew my attention to the often-used phrase “trilogy of albums” and initially got me thinking about it in terms of his solo efforts. These records have appeared over a 50-year period and despite their titles, McCartney, McCartney II and McCartney III and method of production, they don’t particularly haveContinue reading “So much more to The Byrds than jangly guitars…”

What if… The Beatles White Album had been a single LP?

Ah, The Beatles aka The White Album. Where to begin with this? I can say with utmost certainty this will not be the last time I mention this record. It has been a mainstay on my stereo for years in many formats and all things considered, the CD version’s second disc is a strong contenderContinue reading “What if… The Beatles White Album had been a single LP?”

Ram versus Imagine

In 1971, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were at loggerheads. Was this the low point of their famous friendship? Possibly. That is for another day (no pun intended). However, if their musical output from this year is anything to go by, they weren’t exactly on great terms. The year also saw the release of twoContinue reading “Ram versus Imagine”